Carissa is a beautiful girl. She’s so cute you would’ve never thought she loves locking up her slaves cock and balls in such a tight device, making sure that sleazy bastard won’t cheat. Right now she’s looking for a new slave and that could be you!


Your cock is about to be a play thing for a red headed brat of a mistress like Chrissy over here. She will lock you up, tease you a laugh as your cock tries to get out of his cage with no success. Be ready to experience a heavy case of blue balls!


Being slave to dominatrix like Kenna is pretty hard. She will lock your cock up in chastity device and tease you so hard, your balls will turn blue, your eyes watery from all that pain and your mind will go crazy from being so insanely horny!


Asia know far too well, that having your cock locked in chastity is the ultimate way of submission for any man. She will have so much time teasing you hard and making you things for her. And you can’t refuse, or she’ll add weeks you will spend locked up!


You no longer have any control over your own orgasms. As of now on, your cock is a property of sexy mistress Ashley, who will lock you up in chastity device and turn you into her personal slave.

Locked Up in Chastity Review

Locked Up in Chastity Review
Locked Up in Chastity

This device is every mistresses dream come true! They'll just put it on you, lock your cock and balls real tight and don't let your thing out, unless they feel like it. Check out these hot dominas in action!

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